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Always been interested in Asian mysteries. Can't imagine what you could discover if you did pop to my beloved country. Besides the incredible monuments you'll be able to see, you'll meet some of the most hospitable people on Earth. And, believe me, the chicks are even more welcoming than you would imagine. They're just like me : wild, always hungry for love and so natural. So, come and join us honey !


Been trying to discover the place where the most beautiful girls of the world live? Well, I don't know if they're right but a lot of people round the world keep on saying that Ethiopia is that blessed place. In fact, as you might already know a lot of top models are originally coming from here. But, the thing you might not know is that, they can also teach you a lot about love games, and amongst those girls, I'm one of the best...


Frisco must be one of the most exciting place in the world. There's always something going on somewhere in town...especially if looking for pleasure. Whatever your personal tastes are, you will find the partner(s) that you're looking for. In fact, when you know the place by heart like me, the most difficult thing to do is to choose your partners amongst a whole bunch of greedy and lusty guys who want me to say yes to all their fantasies...


I really love my hometown even if people are sometimes a bit rough with me, especially the other girls. They must all be jealous ! In fact, I'm quite an eccentric person and am always looking for adventure, new experiences. For example, I love short and tight clothes which are men's favourites but makes their girls mad... You might think that they're right but the shame is that I enjoy spending my days and nights with men and...women as long as they're attractive !


Hi there! I'm Sandra! I thought you guys could do with a nice English girl to keep you company. Well let me tell you that you won't be lonely with me around. I certainly know how to please a guy. I've had so many boring boyfriends that I've decided just to have a good time!


I'm a young California girl trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood. It's not easy but with my looks and charm I might just get lucky. I know how to please the right guys who might put me in the spotlight. They all tell me I have what it takes, especially when they come to see me strip in the clubs on Sunset Boulevard..

Sarah Twain

I have to say that so far I've been quite a successful model. Some of you guys must have seen me in a few European movies. Hope you liked the action. Pleasure means a lot to me that's why this job is what I've always wanted to do. Though, something was still missing: be a VirtuaGirl and get naked for you boys. There's nothing like it! Stripping just for you guys. Caressing myself for your eyes only... It made me so horny. I bet you can see it.


Hey guys! I hope you guys like firey redheads because that's exactly what I am! I like my men tough and strong, no bones about them, a good honest man! I had the chance to grow up in the beautiful state of Arizona. I lived just 45 minutes from the Grand Canyon and all the other beautiful national parks in the region. Arizona men are good people, they know what they want and they know I can show them a good time. I hope you like my stripteases, bye for now, kisses, Shabba!


Here in Smolensk, during winter, a thin layer of snow covers the streets. The temperature is way down below what a human body can bear. But, the sky's so pure and blue that nothing else matters. I often spend the whole day watching the sky, letting my thoughts drift along a world of erotic fantasies. Oh boy! I wish you were here with me. You could have warmed up my shivering body !


I'm so pleased to meet you all! An awful bunch of skilled software and site hackers!! Sorry but that's what I used to think about web surfers. But, since I became a Vgirl, I've discovered the truth. Internet is the realm of mutual pleasure and beauty. Feels strange to be part of this everlasting world, to share our common excitement!!


In Paris, I may not be as famous as Mona Lisa but lots of guys come from all over France to see me strip in various clubs. They're all mad about my body. Each night, dozens of guys come to my club and invite me for dinner or to their parties. That's why I love this job. All those guys are at my mercy, hoping that I will say yes, watching my generous figure. And, believe me, the lucky ones never regret what I offer them...

Shelby Bell

I've been continually ranked in the top three of Canadian Hotties. My Christina Aguilera qualities are set off with an even cuter face, tight and compact body and a fantastic tattoo between my navel and neverland. I started in strip clubs in Canada and worked my way to the top!


Hi guys! Scandinavians are well known as hearty and welcoming people. It must have something to do with our harsh climate. I was made out of the same wood! When I meet somebody I always act as if we were old friends. But don't misjudge me! My heart is pure and my feelings always sincere. I'll never let you down!


Wanna know what my country looks like. Well just imagine some of the nicest waves on earth, braking on some of the whitest beaches on the planet. Then imagine thousands of horny American guys lying on the beach. Well that's Costa Rica, my little paradise... Wanna know how I learnt English??


I've never been my father's little queen. How harsh it was to go threw my childhood by myself in the Delhi's district! People were really kind to me, always offering their help but I had no family to look after me. That's how I learnt to lead my life, knowing that I would not be given a second chance. The street was my school and, believe me, I learned very quickly and finally made it. I'm really proud of it.


Australia is such a beautiful country. We've got so many gorgeous beaches and lots of sunshine. I love surfing and stripping, I suppose that's a healthy lifestyle. Anyway, if your a good-looking guy looking for a sporty but classy aussi girl, Just give me a call and we'll hook up!


Hi, I'm Sonia, and I'm a busty bavarian girl. I just love meeting guys from all over the world, especially at the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich every year. I work as a waitress there and I always have guys trying to chat me up.I think they like the traditional bavarian dress for women, which really shows a lot of our breasts, that really turns them on ! I hope you like my photos and videos, I think you will..

Sophie Moon

Hey guys, Sophie here! Maybe some of you know me from the films I've done, if so I hope you liked them. Did you get really turned on watching them? I had a great time filming them and doing this shoot for VirtuaGirl, I never thought they'd ask me to do it and when I got the call I was so honoured! I grew up in Budapest in Hungary. For any single guys out there looking for a hot girlfriend, go to Hungary , they are everywhere!


Living in Santa Monica is so cool. I mean I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful surrounding to live in. I love the beach and checking out the guys who flex their muscles down by the pier. The weather is so great and the clubs are awesome!

Stacy Silver

Know why I like to strip for horny guys like you? Well, pretty simple. Some of you guys must have seen me in different movies and noticed that teasing is my thing. I like to see and feel desire in your eyes, undress very slowly so that you're dying to discover what I got for you... and I got a lot to give! So, when things come to action my appetite is as great as yours and all fantasies are welcome. Gosh I'm so horny now...

Stacy Silver Take2

The guys from Virtuagirl asked me to come back. Seems that you guys like me a lot. good to know cause I have to admit that I really enjoyed stripping for you baby. Believe it or not, the second time was even better than the first. Must have something to do with the fact that you're all horny, watching me getting naked and playing with myself. If only you could be with me... may be next time!

Sunny Leone

I'm a sultry Penthouse Pet, 100% Indian and 100% natural beauty ! I think you'll agree I've got a fantastic combination of a bright smile, a girlishly giggly personality, and sultry eyes that could burn holes in your pants. The thing I like most in men is ambition, and the thing I hate most in men is a liar and game player. But I just know I'm gonna love stripping for you!

Susanne Brend

A few years ago, I had my first sex experience... with a girl. It was unbelievable and I would have stick to females if I hadn't met that guy in NYC. He was incredibly gorgeous and bewitched me. Without noticing it I ended in his bed. This was one of the most exciting experience of my life. After that I decided that I could not choose and would enjoy both males and females... at the same time if possible. That's much more exciting!


This tanned babe is all about sex appeal. You can't help but stare, with jaw dropped of course, when you see this horny honey holding your attention with her raw attraction. There will be one thing on your mind when you see her in action, and you will see it stand to attention too. So don't hold back, give in the super sexy and suptuously sultry Suzanna.

Suzie Carina

Hello boys. I hope you like blonde girls because I am very horned up for this shoot! I hope you like your women to be foxy and fiesty, who know how to treat a man right but also know how to get what they want! I'm a happy go lucky girl and I enjoy meeting other people. When I was young I dreamed of being a movie star. Maybe some day my dream will come true as I'm currently at acting school!


I used to ride when I was young. I still remember today the warm skin of my horse on my legs. This may explain why I feel so good today wearing little little skirts & exploring the World on my bike! When I landed at VirtuaGirl, they offered me one of my best day modelling, I had the chance to let my sensuality explose and to titillate


I'm not so sure that I should have done what I did to be part of the VirtuaGirl Team. In fact, I'm from a very strict family and I don't think that they will forgive me for getting naked and rubbing on millions of computer's desktops everywhere round the world. Nevermind, it was one of my fantasies and I feel so happy now. I really feel free and ready for the most exciting adventures of my life!!
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